Crows on the wind

Dear Pigeon,

So much time has passed and I haven’t written to you. We’ve watched tadpoles spawning into frogs and newtlets hunting in our old aquarium, hiding in the water weed before darting out to feast on bloodworms and daphnia. There were nightjars scything through the summer dusk and baby toads (toadlets?)…IMG_2577…already so warty, hopping through a damp field. And now it’s autumn and I thought of you as a sudden gust of wind blustered its way over the hill and I saw all the crows take to the sky, cawing loudly as they plunged this way and that, as if nothing could be more fun.

In other news, I have a resident buzzard that does a fly past my window each day, and red kites can now be seen, fanning their forked tails, up the hill behind the house.

With much love,

Wood Warbler

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