Dear London Pigeon,

Snow is here! So exciting I can’t stop telling everyone, as if no one has windows or news or facebook. It started at five o’ clock yesterday in sleety drips down the back of my neck and then suddenly it turned into soft magical floating flakes and in no time the world was white and shining, just like the kind of English Christmas that has never actually existed. We walked on it, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, we fell over into it, BUMP, BUMP, BUMP and we picked up hard little fistfuls of it and tried to sneakily aim it down coats and trousers.

This morning it was still there and I sledged the boys to school but I can hear the gutters dripping and I know it won’t last. In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching the birds feasting around their feeder – blue tits, robins, great tits and a fat, hopeful pigeon. Best of all, I just saw a fox, in the far field across the valley, gambolling and pouncing as if the snow were living and he was a cub again. It makes happy fools of us all.

How is London? Any snow to report?

Love, Wood Warbler


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